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Our lab strongly believes that sharing our methods only serves to better the research community. All of the resources below are provided free of charge for use in your own research.

Applying to Graduate Programs

This guide offers a collection of tips intended to make applying to graduate school seem a little less daunting. While it may not be exhaustive, we hope that this document addresses many common questions you may have about the application process.

So You're Applying for a PhD in Psychology...

Psychological Inventories

Below is a collection of scales developed in-house to aid with our research. Please feel free to use them in your research with the proper citation.

Professional Development Series

In fall of 2020 our lab authored a series of videos on professional tips and resources for guidelines on advancing a career in research and academia. The playlist ranges from tips on taking the GRE to advice on how to form well written academic literature. These webinars are provided for free and we hope that they will help anyone in our academic circle or aspiring to join.

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